Privacy Policies

  • Syahy Travels, we respect our valued customer’s privacy and ensure not to collect any information other than the information relevant to make booking with us. 
  • We collect your information mainly when you make a booking with us. This usually includes your name , contact details, email id, address and  payment details, travel requisites and referral source. Upon the submission of information, you give Permission to Syahy Travels to use your information to process orders in a proper manner.
  • Personal information of a client obtained through booking will be utilized by Syahy Travels to process his/her booking, verify Credit Card or Debit Card details, and provide relevant information associated with client’s travel or any other subsidiary services he/she would like to avail of. This information will also be used for accounts, research and activities focused to improve the performance of our website. 
  • All information taken by our customers during booking, such as their Name, Address, Mail id and Credit Card or Debit Card details will not be disclosed.